First teasers of the Kia Picanto that we meet the beginning of the year

Teaser Kia Picanto 2017

Kia not only show you in a few weeks, the Kia GT that is promoted through various teasers. The other model that the south Korean company will launch at the beginning of the year will be much more sold and has been with us for several years. We refer to the Kia Picanto, which today has left to see by the pictures teasers which accompany us in this article.

Will be the third generation of the city, and promises a design a lot more careful that in its predecessors. There is not an exact date for its official presentation, but it would not be surprising that successfully exploited the first big Car show of the year for desvelarlo, the Detroit motor show, but expect something more to make it known. Be that as it may, the Kia Picanto is a model which is very important for the firm, so that is expected to a comprehensive product and care.

Teaser Kia Picanto 2017

These images teasers allow us to see a exterior that keeps many similarities with its bigger brother, the Kia Rio, at the front. We can see the well-known grill “Tiger Nose” feature of the majority of vehicles of the brand, as well as a lower part of the front very aggressive. Also on the front stand out your headlights, with LED lighting and very studied design in this teaser. To call our attention and win in the presence of sport includes several decorations in red color on its four sides.

Kia seems to want to insinuarnos a sport variant with the above-mentioned decorations color red and the aggressive forms of the bumper. The tires, in the design of the 8 rays double, are low profile. In the rear we can see a marked diffuser and a few pilots, with LED lighting, which saved a lot of similarity with the current Kia Picanto.

Teaser Kia Picanto 2017

have Also shown a teaser of the interior, with a design clean and minimalist, in which the majority of vehicle functions are concentrated in the top of the screen that appears in the central area of the dashboard. The steering wheel is virtually identical to that used in the other models of Kia, while its gear lever, it confirms that there will be variants automatic.

Kia Picanto

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