First test of face to the Dakar in the Toyota Hilux V8 Evo


The Toyota Hilux V8 Evo he was presented officially at the end of the month of August, giving validity to the signing of Nasser
Al-Attiyah for the team Toyota Gazoo Racing face to the Dakar 2017. Without
however, the first pilot that has been able to prove the benefits of this new buggy
4×2 has been Giniel de Villiers
. The south african and his co-driver Dirk von Zitzewith
have added the first test at the controls of this model, which breaks the mould
marked by the 4×4. After these first few miles made in south Africa,
feelings can not be better.

Giniel de Villiers has confirmed that the Toyota Hilux V8 Evo
in your settings buggy is quite faster than the previous version
, at least in the land broken in the has developed this the first session of the test. One more fact that positive, as by the nature of the car
4×2 is their strength in the desert and the dunes are assumed. In spite of this
there is still a long road of tuning and development to be able to draw
all the performance of a buggy that by the time you are leaving a good
feelings in the breast of the team of Glyn Hill.


The pair of these testing sessions, Toyota Gazoo Racing South Africa
continues with the construction of two more units of the Hilux V8 EVO designed to
Leeroy Pulter and Nasser Al-Attiyah
, the two pilots who complete the team
face-to-Dakar 2017 in which the training is intended to give more of a fright
Peugeot Sport and to become as a minimum in the second force in the category of
surpassing an X-Raid that has been the only one who has not taken the step to bet
for a buggy, with a remarkable mass exodus of pilots as a result.

Toyota Gazoo Racing South Africa has not been the only team that has state of test in the last days of face to
next Dakar. One of the formations, which also is testing is Mammoeth,
team that competes with trucks Renault. However, this test has not been so
positive as the Toyota because the drive of the Renault Sherpa piloted by Martin Van den Brink ended up being flames. In another
order of things, Joan Font has confirmed his participation in the Dakar while
the hermanos Patronelli have confirmed his absence from the test.