First videos of the new Land Rover Discovery 2017 in action


Tests in Sweden of the new Discovery.

The new Land Rover Discovery will be presented next September 28 at the Paris Salon 2016. And even if you already know your front final, thanks to the publication of its first official image by way of teaser, as we had only been able to see it in action by the spy pictures of the various mules of proof that Land Rover has been testing in various parts of the planet.

just A few days desvelarlo officially, Land Rover has released a series of videos, which by way of teaser to show us the capabilities of the new SUV of large size of the british firm.

In the videos you can see the different prototypes of the model to evolve through various terrains and environments, from rocky surfaces or sand to the snow. In a spectacular installation by the british brand, starting from the recordings of the million miles of miles of tests across 20 countries that announces the brand. Although no less striking is the second video, where the new Discovery 2017 should be “facing” the discovery that made a few kids inside her.


To fund in the dunes.

What that allows us to look through the cabin’s definitive off-roader, defined by the brand as the “family SUV final”. The real action begins with the arrival of the prototype, which has a camouflage that has been drawn by the children themselves, in which they appear with their drawings and their names. After this, the children serve as guinea pigs to test the Discovery 2017 for a test track, wading included.

shots short of this video are very interesting, because we allow to have an image clearer and more defined traits of the new model, that we already appreciated in another occasion, it is evident that you will have a lot in common with the Discovery Sport. Although far from being simply a larger version of the latter, the new Discovery 2017 has traits clearly own, though the silhouette and the general shapes are there.

According to the brand, to the development of this model were used to 294 mules test and is made up 35.000 tests of components individuales.


The front’s final Discovery 2017.

Although until the next day 28 we will not know with certainty, it is expected that
the range mechanics of the new Discovery, 2017 departs from a block of 4
– cylinder turbodiesel 2.0-liter
, this will have 240 HP and 500 Nm
of maximum torque, which will be followed by the block diesel V6 of 3.0 liters and
a possible version V8.