Fisker E-Motion the successor to the Karma is already here

Fisker E-MotionFisker Inc is the result of the ashes of the first Fisker Automotive. This company, with headquarters in California (united States) presented to the market the first Fisker Karma back in the year 2008 at the Detroit Auto show. The Karma was one of the first hybrid cars plug-in electric market, however, despite its avant-garde design and technology has not managed to find the place it deserved in the market.

As you know, in 2014 Fisker Automotive gave the witness to Fisker Inc thank you to the capital of Wanxiang America, Corp., and this aid has enabled him to arrive until our days. The Karma has endured the passage of time relatively well, and even though their design and mechanical perfectly would be worth today, the excessive competition of the segment in which campaigns will make you old in the eyes of the public.

Fisker E-MotionTo solve this problem and to give continuity to the brand, has introduced the new E-Motion. My mate Mario as I speak to you of the first teasers that the brand dropped from this prototype, but now we have the final design. In it we see a beautiful coupe with a marked wheel arches and the design is very angular and marked. In addition, for its construction has been used carbon fiber and aluminum in many of its components.

According to the brand, to move to the model has taken advantage of the new electric propulsion system being developed by the firm. This makes the interior of the new model is more spacious than the previous Karma and the distance between axes has increased and has shifted the wheels to the outside of the body. With this design seeks to enhance the presence and dynamism of the model to create a more streamlined silhouette.

mechanical electrical will be able to provide an autonomy between recharges of approximately 650 kilometers. In addition, the maximum speed can reach 250 kilometres per hour. These figures are possible thanks to the use of graphene and nanotechnology in their batteries. However, still we do not know the exact details of the performance of its mechanics as well as when it might be available definitely.

To stop, according to the brand the new Fisker E-Motion you can add attendees to the driving that will allow you to be an autonomous vehicle. However, to develop this technology will have the help and support of a third partner, a specialist in the matter but have not revealed his name.

Source – Fisker Inc