Fisker EMotion: so is the vanguard of the new power created by Henrik Fisker


this is the behind the Fisker EMotion.

At the beginning of the last month of November, we were able to see the first pictures of Fisker EMotion. The first car designed by Fisker, the new company founded by Henrik Fisker, is already a reality and in not much time you will arrive at the dealers. However, to date, there are still many unknowns about this sporty 100% electric. And one of them was the appearance of your behind.

Fisker has wanted to solve the doubts generated about the design that would have the back of their new model. And for this, has posted a picture that allows us to view the article with all luxury of details. In comparison with the front and profile of the Fisker EMotion, your behind conveys a lot more elegance and distinction. On the contrary to the other parts of the vehicle that are characterized by their marked lines and shapes that send a message aggressive. In spite of this, keep in mind that we are looking at a prototype and not a production model. Details like the mirrors as well reveal it.

As we say, this new model is the result of the the new business venture that has started, Henrik Fisker, known in the world of car for having founded Fisker Automotive and designing the Fisker Karma, one of the vehicles plug-in hybrids that were sold in the world. The economic crisis led to the fret that company that ended up in the hands of capital to the chinese and, recently, has seen the rebirth of the brand (now called Karma Automotive) and Karma Revero (a Fisker Karma reviewed with some new features).


The Fisker EMotion is a 100% electric vehicle with 640 km of autonomy, and reaches 259 km/h.

at the moment there are not many details of the Fisker EMotion, however, and we can already say that we know all the exterior design. Now lack the company to do the proper thing and publish the first images of the passenger compartment. One of the aspects in which the designer gives special emphasis to the time to get to know the EMotion is that has a new battery technology graphene.

This type of battery allows, compared to the lithium-ion battery, traditional, increase energy density and reduce your weight. The batteries are one of the key elements of the electric vehicles, so this is expected to be one of the most interesting points. On the other hand, the frame of the Fisker EMotion is made of carbon fiber and aluminum, so it is expected that the vehicle end throw a weight very reduced.

Its batteries, developed in conjunction to Nanotech Energy, give it a autonomy higher than 640 kilometers. And though we do not know the power that you will shed your motor (or motors) electric, Fisker has confirmed that it will be able to reach a top speed of 259 km/h. There is nothing wrong.

Fisker EMotion - frontal

The front of the Fisker EMotion contrasts greatly with the design of the rear.

it is Also important to remember the fact that the Fisker EMotion will be endowed with a driving system autonomous. Although the company was quick to make it clear that this technology will not be developed by them, but by a third party.

The Fisker EMotion production will hit the market by the end of next year. Its production will take place in the united States, at a site to be determined. Although by now there was still talk of the possibility that they may make use of the facilities of VLF, those in charge of making the current Karma with a conventional combustion engine.