Fisker EMotion: The new rival of Tesla also designs in California

The california-based company responsible for the creation of one of the first plug-in electric vehicles in the world in 2008, returns to the attack. After being acquired in 2014 by the company and Wanxiang America, are launching a new vehicle, this time, completely electric.

Your name, Fisker EMotion. His goal, to be a rival to Tesla. According to Fisker, the new EMotion would have a autonomy of 640 km and would reach 260 kilometers per hour -a figure that is little use in electric vehicles due to their high energy consumption-. This new car would be the first model that it would issue the californians since 2012.

The EMotion, that will have a range somewhat higher than that of the Tesla -only 8 miles – it will have a system of rapid recharging, thanks to the technology UltraCharger, which will add 160 kilometers extra in just nine minutes. Like Tesla, a great point will be the technology. A LIDAR system and cameras in rear-view mirrors allow a view of 360º around the car.

The car, will cost 115,000 euros, will be € 40,000 cheaper than a Tesla P100D. The bookings will be open just this month in the united States, and it is not known when it will be available for the rest of the world.

“it Has technology that no one else has. And no one this close to doing what you’re doing to us” – said Fisker to Bloomberg.

According to what you commented Fisker to the american chain Bloomberg, would be in terms of electric technology, both autonomy and in terms of performance, since the Tesla Model S reaches 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.5 seconds, and today with a street car to improve those numbers is something very difficult to get. It is by seeing what they are capable of in Fisker, and if it’s not all smoke.

Even so, this new Fisker EMotion would not be the only model that the californian brand would, since they have in mind a smaller vehicle and economic. Cost around 35,000 euros and it would be completely electric.

Source – AutoExpress

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