Fisker EMotion, we first see the rear of the successor to the Karma

Fisker EMotion trasera

Fisker EMotion is the new model from Fisker Inc. on his return to the automotive world. This new model, which will be the successor of the Fisker Karma, we had already been able to see some teasers and also its front. And now finally we see his rear, the only area of the vehicle that we did not know. Highlighted by their pilots rear LED, formed by a thin strip that stretches the entire width of the car and that doubles on the ends.

behind the Fisker EMotion has a high waist and a muscular look, according to what we had already seen in the front. The diffuser and rear served to improve the aerodynamics of the car and we do not see outputs of the exhaust, as it will be an electric vehicle. Another of the highlights is the silhouette of a coupe, which gives it a dynamic appearance, and the doors with opening type ‘butterfly wings’, which are opened upward and each toward one end.

Fisker E-Motion

The EMotion has been designed by Henrik Fisker, known by some works such as the BMW Z8. Its structure benefits from lightweight materials and tough as the carbon fiber or aluminum. It will also carry an electric propulsion system brand new, which is being developed by the firm. Your position studied and the increase of the distance between axes gives rise to a more spacious interior.

we still don’t have the details of the electric motor, but if we know that benefits of batteries of graphene, developed with nanotechnology. Will have a few load times quite low and a autonomy of almost 650 kilometres (400 miles). You will also have a good performance and be able to reach a maximum speed of 250 km/h. It is expected that the Fisker EMotion reaches the market late next year.

Source – Fisker