Fisker patented a battery in the solid state which are recharged in 1 minute

The revolutionary brand Fisker has patented a new technology batteries in solid-state flexible, which, according to its makers could revolutionize dramatically the automotive industry. Thanks to them, cars like your Fisker EMotion could reach a range of 800 km, but what is even more important, they could be recharged in just a minute.

The company, which is currently in the final stages of developing the EMotion for its world premiere at the CES 2018, says that he has managed to develop a battery of solid-state capable of storing 2.5 times more energy that the current Lithium-Ion batteries. A capacity similar to that announced by Toyota for the electric car to be launched within five years. But, beyond their amazing storage capacity and speed of charging, the batteries for Fisker’s hide a quality even more important in the present times. As they say, when the need presses the wit is heightened.

New battery to adapt to the difficulties

plans for Fisker for the batteries of your EMotion, were very different a few months ago. As tends to make the mark, tried to adopt technologies with less-developed but very promising, to differentiate themselves from their competitors and go a step ahead. It was the battery of graphene, which theoretically would have capabilities far above those that are based on lithium. However, the provider that is going to make, Nanotech Energy, withdrew from the agreement unilaterally in July. So that Fisker had to find a solution that was to high and opted for the batteries solid-state Lithium-Ion developed by LG Chem, a provider of South Korea.

The secret of these batteries in the solid state recently patented resides in that the lead electrodes which are three-dimensional solids with up to 25 times more surface area than other batteries of the same type. The development of this technology is still in its early phase, but, as indicated in the patent, have an advantage that would facilitate their arrival to the cars of the street: their cost of production may prove to be a third of what they cost the batteries currently.

what will Be a reality the batteries in the solid state of Fisker?

The journey that has taken the company Fisker since its launch has been riddled with potholes. Something understandable considering the risky of adopting technologies is in full development. However, this brand it is now the property of the wealthy multinational china Wanxiang. Which implies a logistical support and above all economic that can give you a lot more confidence in the bold movements of the company of u.s. origin.

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