Fisker will unveil the supercar Force 1 at the Detroit motor show

Henrik Fisker, founder of the brand Fisker, which ahorapasa called Karma Automotive, it is decided to recover the lost prestige. That is why, eight years after it was made known to the world, go to the Detroit motor show next month with a new creation, a supercar named Force 1.


For the moment this is the only sketch that there is the Force 1

mr. Fisker is responsible for some of the designs most fascinating of recent times in the automotive world. Of his imagination emerged models such as the own Karma, the Aston Martin DB9 or BMW Z8. Therefore, we can’t but imagine how it will be this next creature.

By the time you are unaware of most of the details of the Force 1. However the own Fisker has ensured that mount one of the naturally aspirated engines more powerful in the world. Words larger if we take into account that currently, that privilege has the Aston Martin Vulcan with its V12 seven-litres, and more than 800 horse power.

In spite of a destructive nature which will have the Force 1, its creator has also ensured that the car will be comfortable, elegant and luxurious. Adjectives that have never missed their creations. That is to say that you will be able to combine its daily use with the best possible attributes for the circuit. “Comfort of a luxury sports car”.

As we have already said the Force 1 will be presented at the Detroit motor show next January. Its entry into production will not be until April of the same year. Fisker believes that it will sell all of the planned units, not more than 50, for which the price of output is placed in a figure close to us $ 300,000, approximately 275,000 euros.