Fittipaldi EF7, a super sports car designed by Pininfarina for the Geneva motor show

Fittipaldi ef7

Sure that if we talked to you about Fittipaldi will come to mind the legendary brazilian driver Formula 1 Emerson Fittipaldi. The great pilot was able to achieve in the years 1972 and 1974 the top of the podium in the premier class of motorsport, however it also would make other sports achievements that today is still remembered. Taking as a basis his last name, there is a small manufacturer of super cars, Singapore-based you want to hit them where it hurts them most to Ferrari or Lamborghini.

The curious thing about this story is that the same Emerson Fittipaldi has sponsored this super car and the Fittipaldi EF7 has said that “what is important is that the car not only will give pure passion and adrenaline, but also the security of driving to drivers of all levels.” Fittipaldi Motors has brought forward two images of how it will be this super sports car and according to them it seems that your design will be very futuristic and aerodynamic.

Fittipaldi ef7

According to its creators, both his chassis, as bodywork are formed by a percentage is quite high carbon fiber. The design of its lines has been carried out entirely in the studios of Pininfarina, and knowing this is more than likely that has a body balanced and thought-provoking. If we pass to its range of mechanical, Fittipaldi EF7 will have a block gasoline in configuration V8 that will deliver a superior power to 600 hp, in addition, will be linked to an automatic gearbox six relations.

In this case, instead of resorting to a block or transmission purchased from another group, or manufacturer, Fittipaldi has decided to perform its own development. To conclude, it is worth mentioning that the car will be unveiled official on the 7th of march when the Geneva motor show open its doors to the public. Prices and more technical features have to be waiting for them at that time, while you wait.

Pd. Regardless of whether the vehicle arrives or not to production, the Fittipaldi EF7 will also be available on PlayStation game Gran Turismo.

Source – Pininfarina