Fittipaldi EF7 by Pininfarina: presented in Geneva the sports Champion


The first model of Fittipaldi Motors.

The Fittipaldi EF7 by Pininfarina has seen the light at the end at the Geneva motor show. The new sports which bear the name of former World Champion of Formula 1 has been designed by Pininfarina and will be built in the facilities of HWA in Afalterbach, Germany.

The EF7 has been presented with the label Vision Gran Turismo, as we advance in its time, as it will be available online for the players of the well-known video game of Polyphony, although in contrast to all the similar models that we have seen until now, this yes that is a real model which will be available. The sports Fittipaldi will have a short limited edition of only 25 units.

The project has been set between the company’s German engineering, founded by Hans Werner Aufrecht (one of the founders of AMG), and the coachbuilder from turin.


By the time it is a model that is not functional, still in development.

This developed around a carbon-fibre monocoque-type bath, as all the models of these features, and has a mechanical atmospheric of 8 cylinders in V and about 600 horses. For the moment, the companies involved only have revealed that you have 4.8 liters, and that will be associated with a transmission of 6-speed Hewland, but have not confirmed the origin of the engine.

“We are designing a motor for high rpm which makes a great sound and is connected to a chassis that is very easy to handle. We want people to be able to feel that it is very easy to handle on the track”, “I will assist with the set-up to the owners and then in the day-to-day in the circuit should be very simple, just set the tire pressure, without the need of counting with a team of engineers to keep it running”, the words of Emerson Fittipaldi.

For the moment, what we are seeing in the images is a concept not
. According to the description of your release of your presentation, the
model must be in development. The specifications described
includes an empty weight below 1,000 kilos, which is not
a trivial issue.


Are you trying to get your weight of 1,000 kilos.

To do this, the entire rear section would
directly in the monohull central
, as the engine itself and the box
changes, making the times of a structural element to withstand the
rear subframe or the structure created for the suspension of the axle
rear. The whole scheme of suspension shall be of first level, with double
forks both front and back.