Five cars were ahead of their time

There are many types of courage, and without the need for a layer or a mask, this can come represented by an attitude unbecoming, different from the rest, that many times we can even deem you crazy. However these daredevils deserve a recognition, that’s why, from here, we launched this list five cars that managed to stay ahead of the game.

“The future has many names. For the weak it is the unattainable. For the fearful, the unknown. For the brave it is the chance”.

Victor Hugo

Chevrolet Suburban


Chevrolet Suburban 1935

now the fashion of the SUV is more than evident on our roads. There is No brand in the world that does not have one or more crossover models in its range. Although the SUV modern we owe it to the Nissan Qashqai, look back, far back, to know the genesis of a sector that every time has more weight in the market.

In fact, I would go back to the year 1933, united States. In that year he met for the first time to the Chevrolet Suburban. The chassis of a pickup truck was added to a body Station Wagon. A design that today is normal but at that time it was revolutionary. And although in the beginning his job was exclusive of the army, little time it took to cross the line of what is commercial. Such is the importance of this model, which today continues to be used the name. In fact the Suburban is the production model of most long-lived of the world. Nothing more and nothing less than 82 years. All a grandfather.

BMW 2002 Turbo


BMW 2002 Turbo

we All know that the world of competition serves as a test lab for the future for road cars. It is very usual that a system or commercial technology has been used previously in a racing car, today is still going on. One of these developments of the competition which gave way to the production cars was the turbo. Today it is impossible to count how many cars on the market carry this system, but we must always remember that BMW made the first step.

In 1962 came to light the first cars street turbo, but quickly halted their use given the low reliability that these had. It was not until the year 1973 when saw the light the first car of mass production in this technology, the BMW 2002 Turbo. A myth that gave the step and managed to make the turbo a element reliable and usual in engines. A spirit that now has at its maximum a champion at the BMW M2 Coupe.

Aston Martin Lagonda


digital Picture of the Aston Martin Lagonda

Yes, the Aston Martin, a brand as classic as the Aston Martin dared in their day to be a pioneer. With the Lagonda original Petri dish, the british brand decided it was time to take a step beyond the traditional and boring boxes of analog instruments. The sedan was the first in the world to have a box completely digital. A bet that didn’t go as well as they had hoped.

it Is one of the failures of the most notorious in the history of motorsport. In 1974 computers and digital systems were taking their first steps. But even so, Aston Martin dared to join them to a car. The project was so complex that the development of the electrical system quadrupled the total budget of the car. It is not surprising that the time to bring it to the sale, the Lagonda had a price equivalent to that of a Rolls Royce or a Bentley. Needless to say, that was a fiasco commercial, but the first step was given, and that’s always appreciated.

Toyota Prius


The Prius has changed the global mindset of the mobility

Sure that you know where are the shots with this model. And is that you can not deny that where many have failed Toyota triumphed. The Prius we know today was released in the year 1997. At that time the japanese brand planted the seed of a technology that today has become a reference in the future, the hybridization.

Sure that all of you are thinking that the Toyota Prius was not the first hybrid of the history, we’re not going to deny it, but yes that was the first to make it viable and economically feasible. In addition the Prius is not only a benchmark in terms of mechanics, but their appearance also served to change the global mindset. From the year 1997 to live with a new environmental awareness, a lot more stringent. A bet that soon we will come renewed with Toyota Prius 2016.

Mercedes S-Class


there is Always look at the S-Class Mercedes to know that it will take the cars of the future

it Is impossible not to address this list without mentioning the Mercedes s Class. the flagship of the German brand has always included technology ahead of its time. Generation after generation this has been so, and even today we can see unique elements of the S-Class that within 10 years will be standard elements in the rest of the car. And is that Mercedes is well worth your recognition gained in terms of advances and progress.

Already in the 60’s, the generations previous to the name S, Mercedes introduced details such as security locks, disc brakes or the body deformable, among many other advances. However the revolution came in the ‘ 70s, where for the first time we saw a detail that today it is obligatory, the ABS. The S-Class W116 was the first to integrate them, thus giving an extra security to the occupants.

later Mercedes also ended up entering the airbag driver and passenger, traction control ASR, ESP, Xenon headlamps, air bags-head, Air Body Control, technology, Pre-Safe, adaptive cruise control, night vision camera, the lane assistant and the detector of the dead angle, among many other technology. As you can see the S-Class is the true laboratory of Mercedes, in your format most luxurious yes. A risk that does nothing but reinforce the courage of the brand.