Five elements disappear from your car in five years

The cars undergo a constant process of evolution . They are technological products with cycles increasingly shorter life, and in recent years has accelerated its technological evolution exponentially. Martin Winterkorn – CEO Volkswagen – their cars in 2020 will be smartphones with wheels: unfortunately it is not my guess is the reality. This means that no car equipment we take for granted and possibly in five years has lapsed . These five items will disappear from your car in five years.

1) Halogen bulbs

you can not re-melt the halogens, but if it breaks the LED , change the entire light touch.

The evolution of lighting LED is overwhelming. Five years ago only a few high-end cars have LEDs in their rear lights, although already had been extended by the interiors of the car. Today there are many whose cars are crossing lighting high power LEDs , and I speak not only of premium cars: the SEAT Toledo is in the option, without going far. The cost of headlight LED is low, the diodes have a car similar to the lifetime and also consume much less energy.

faros-led-mdm-03-1440px In a world where electric and hybrid cars begin to dominate the new market, it is imperative reduce power consumption on board , especially with the extra burden of the huge number of systems of advanced driving assistance and infotainment. Possibly within five years even cheap utilities have halogen lights. So say goodbye to having to change bulbs every two years and reach into places impossible to do. Thankfully.

2) Analog Instrumentation

A very versatile display that enhances our security just have to look away from the road .

Have you seen the new Audi A4? And the new Jaguar F-PACE? And the Mercedes S Class? What they have in common is that have replaced traditional analog instrumentation by a screen TFT which show the same information. Offers many more possibilities to manufacturers, and allows superbly integrated browser or infotainment system , without neglecting all the information of the state of the car. A pure car is electronic today and the cost of these large screens is diminishing.

audi-a4-2015-25-1440px Current analog clocks respond to electronic impulses of the control of the car as they are not physically connected to the motor or wheels. Even the accelerator is already connected to the motor via a cable. It’s about time that more manufacturers begin to equip these versatile screens that will control from the steering wheel or by voice. The technological developments in the car is unstoppable , and will soon be extended to general vehicles, not just the premium.

3) A conventional handbrake

that of “pull hook” or maneuvers worthy of WRC It’s over.

Another element that we take for granted in a modern car is a conventional handbrake. That we pull the lever to stop the car anchored in place. Again there is a physical connection between the lever and the rear brakes, but less and less conventional car mounted hand brake. They have been replaced by An electric parking brake , we press a button to lock or unlock the brakes and start to move. In many cases it is automatic: it is activated when the engine is turned off and if we are to move


opel-astra-asientos-1440px-1 Where is the hand brake in the Opel Astra?

has nothing to do with the function of “AutoHOLD” wizard hill start aid because it works with the service brake, both manual and automatic cars. In the end, the disappearance of conventional hand brake is a matter of aesthetics and use of space . A conventional handbrake takes up space that could be used for personal items or other systems. All this without have the stylistic factor , a key factor in the design of a passenger compartment of a car.

4) Car keys

Only the most basic cars require the boot key, many already torn by button.

usually tried cars and fewer cars have a bowler hat, a lock in which we put the key to start the engine. To open the doors or talk decades. Many cars already allow the start if they detect the presence of the transponder command inside. The car doors open without us having to press the distance and many cars even have locks in sight. Have a hidden emergency lock if the car had an electrical fault of some kind

jaguar-activity-key-2 Look at the case of the new Jaguar F-PACE. It has a bracelet that you can use to open the car when we left the keys inside. And in the future I assure you cars finish opening a smartphone using a wireless transmission protocol. I still think that opening a lock does not take much time and end up being safer – US just steal cars with manual transmission – to open the car without involving physical devices. But maybe I’m the only one who thinks so.

5) Spare wheel

Unfortunately, it is an element that will be missed at the time that we have a strong puncture or blowout. Seeking to lighten cars cargo space or win Many manufacturers have forgotten the spare wheels, even the type “cookie”. They have been replaced by anti-puncture kits in many situations of little use, and have to call roadside assistance insurance to take us to a workshop. How easy it would be to change a wheel and continue the journey smooth.

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