Five elements that every modern car should have serial

Modern cars are increasingly more like a smartphone and less car . A few years ago, cars were simply an amalgam of mechanical and electrical systems, electronics today governs our cars so much that we forget that his heart is still a block of oil lubricated metal in which such explosions occur controlled, connected to the ground by a rotating rubber mulch. And we must not forget this: at the bottom is a mechanical machine . The modern car override our sense amenities, and forget five elements that should be standard .

1) A dipstick oil level

Yes folks, there are cars that have no oil dipstick . It is a problem BMW new batch, among other vehicles. No way to know how much oil left inside the engine physically. must rely on an internal sensor tells us the amount and level of engine oil. Oil is the lifeblood of our car, the only fluid that lubricates the drive. Without oil, we would run engine in just seconds. What if the sensor fails What’s wrong with relying on a simple metal rod – ridiculous cost – to meet our level of oil



2) A complete spare wheel

For the sake of saving weight – is one more good reason excuse – and the search for greater boot and lower costs, many modern cars have to use a wheel full reset to use a spare wheel cookie type – allowing only shoot at 80 km / h is much narrower than the usual wheels – and equip a puncture kit. Good luck with puncture kit before a blowout or puncture generously sized. Another question: do you know how to use it? Would not you rather complete spare wheel that allowed us to continue our journey without any problems.


3) Engines visible and easy to change light bulbs

What’s the point dismantling the bumper or the optic to change a single defective bulb? We have to checkout, obviously. Another common trend is that the engines are covered by an dark plastic cover, whose function is merely aesthetic . How can we tell at a glance if you have an oil leak from the cylinder head cover? How can we know if one of the sleeves is leaking coolant and our engine is watering? How will we know if a component has been released or is about to do? We will not know until it is too late, and until we have to checkout .


4) An oil temperature clock, and another for pressure

Accordingly, a watch for the oil pressure is an accessory that only some cars equipped prestacionales, and for the rest car that simply served with a sensor to tell if the pressure is too low or high – and really no other physical way of knowing. But Watch the oil temperature should be imperative. It tells us where we can accelerate with the accelerator warranties or forcefully, without fear of damaging the components of the car. And few cars so equipped. I assure you it would have fewer breakdowns and less outside the dangers of “step on” cold more cars if it equipasen.


5) water temperature clock, not a dumb witness

cars need to assemble a watch that indicates coolant temperature, especially in these days of heat wave, as my colleague David Villarreal has already warned us. There are many modern cars today do not ride clock coolant temperature, only a witness that says if you are too cold or too hot. What if the sensor fails? If the average temperature is maintained at a consistently high level, it may indicate some kind of failure in the cooling system , or leak. But the witness did not say anything until we are in the danger zone for the engine. For example.

cinco-elementos-coche-moderno-1 What other elements should be standard all modern cars and are leaving? Let together a collection of elements that the ideal car should have.

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