Five new details you did not know the new Honda NSX

As it will be delayed six months as his engine was manufactured by Cosworth. Although we have already seen live, the Honda NSX remains an unknown. We do not know the official specs of the hybrid system of high performance and still in the dark about its price or date of market introduction. In The Quail – a unique event in the US supercars – Honda has revealed more details of its new supercar, and here I moved them


1) The Honda NSX has been redesigned twice since

Initially, the Honda NSX would enjoy an engine V10 in front position, with almost production prototypes circulating at the Nurburgring in the not so distant 2009. After the global crisis The project NSX resumed in its current approach, but it would mount the twin-turbo V6 transversely. The engineers decided finally mount the drive in longitudinal configuration . The main results of this decision have been eighteen months of delay in the project and the loss of a small rear trunk.

2) Engine 3.5 V6 Twin-Turbo has Cosworth


The Honda NSX will be built exclusively on the Manufacturing Performance Center, in the small American town of Marysville in Ohio. Many of his pieces are manufactured in different parts of the world, although their semi-artisan production is done in the American Midwest. The engine block and two cylinder heads are manufactured by Cosworth in the UK, printing genes premier one of the most anticipated supercars of the moment. The engine is assembled in full in Ohio.

3) Have as many options as a Ferrari

The Honda NSX at first was going to be as easy to order as an Accord. You have various finishes and a few optional elements, nothing complicated. However, Honda seems determined to give his NSX a true halo supercar. To do this, the booking process and specification of each unit will be as detailed and comprehensive as it is in the case of a Ferrari or McLaren. The idea is that not a single NSX is equal to another , and their owners are certain to have a single vehicle.

4) its introduction has been delayed half a year

The Honda NSX will not hit the streets until spring of next year . It will be first released in the US – where it is manufactured and will be its largest market – and immediately after will be launched globally. Immediately means weeks or months in this case, it should clarify. In the case of the Acura NSX – will be sold in other markets as Honda – it will be sold as a MY2017 . Are not yet clear annual production figures will depend on the initial application and other productive factors.

5) Acura has taught us three new units NSX

In The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Acura has taught us never before seen three units. We see new wheel designs and a color called Nouvelle Blue designed by PPG This color takes 16 hours to cure. – Versus two hours of standard colors – and is composed of several layers that provide a lovely pearly tone to NSX . We have also shown carbon-fiber roof and a visual trick to look their finest mirrors. Bottom is painted in black

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