Five ways to avoid bottlenecks in your city #huyedeltrafico

jams take away life. It sounds extreme, but they take both time and money, cause stress and make us late for our commitments, whatever they may be. And it seems that is something both inevitable and unpredictable in any large city. And if we could avoid most jams a big city? Avoiding full may be impossible, but avoid further is at your fingertips. We propose five ways to avoid jams in your city . Save time, money and mental health.

1) Know your city and your lifestyle to avoid peak hours

Between 8 and 9 am and 5 and 7 pm it is when the biggest jams in town and access roads.

Every city is different. In the last three years I have lived in Madrid, Tehran, New York and Barcelona. None of the four cities is characterized by a traffic light precisely. When we go somewhere, be it our workplace, restaurant or shopping center, we can suffer and suffer traffic jams. The first tip is peak avoid at all costs . It seems obvious advice – and it really is – but a minimum knowledge of the city in which we move and live


curiosidades-multas-trafico-02-1440px may coming home ten minutes before half-time save you jam. Or if you stay a little longer at work you could save you some of that big traffic jam formed on leaving the estate where you work. An act as simple as shopping near your work is a double saving time: you come home with the completed purchase and allows time for withholding end of day dissipate. The same happens with the ring roads: is sometimes better to use alternative routes or stroll


Each city is different, but can quickly learn your pulse , knowing when to move and when to wait.

2) Use technology to plan your route

Many browsers implemented in software tools that lead us to the fastest route by analyzing traffic in real time.

And how can you know the lifestyle of your city to save time? In addition to the valuable experience, supporting technology. There many tools at your disposal , and technology is your best ally. Since Google Maps to direct traffic services TomTom or webs of Traffic Department and other territorial traffic directions, the tools that allow you to plan your trips are at your fingertips, and in most of cases are free .


3) Buy a motorcycle

It is believed that the next reform of the Highway Code allow motorcycles legally moved between cars.

If you have to move in the middle of a big city or you consistently use traffic routes collapsed in rush hours – because you have no choice, we have already given some solution – a motorcycle can be your passport to jams rid of . In cities like Barcelona motorcycles have a unique most advanced area at traffic lights and parking is free in special parkings also in most Spanish cities. In Madrid, they can share lane with taxis and buses.

honda-pcx-prueba-22-mdm is a means of transport very agile, very economical and also funny . I currently live in Barcelona, ​​and except for intercity journeys of more than an hour, the bike goes with me everywhere. Obviously the bike is not for everyone, in the sense that it is not possible to carry more than one passenger, when it rains you get wet and if it’s cold, very cold raisins. But in mild climates with little rain is an ideal ally to get everywhere on time, and also to park literally on the doorstep.

4) Use public transport

Try to park in the center of Barcelona – for instance – is expensive, complicated and stressful.

Although I am not the biggest fan of public transportation, I must admit that a good network of public transport is ideal for many trips. You will not spend a second of your time looking for parking and avoid traffic all holds if we’re talking train or subway. Even at rush hour will have to deal with hundreds of people, pushing and heat, is often the only way know that arrive on time to your destination : as a rule, is a timely service

metro-madrid Cities with subway or commuter trains are the main beneficiaries, although buses serve the rest of cities in comfort, especially if they lanes specially equipped for them in the streets. The key is to save time and cost. If you can reach your destination at the same time and at lower cost, public transportation is your ideal choice, as long as your schedule and slightly less fit you comfort. Car in enemy cities, is sometimes the only viable option.

5) Use your bicycle, or services bicing

Take advantage of this bike you do not use, and exercise meantime. Double saving time.

Still in motor. You have not accidentally put in a web of bicycles. But we can not deny the pull they are having bicing services that more and more cities are implementing. Through a highly subsidized annual fee, you can access shared bicycle stations scattered throughout a city. Take it next to your house, leave off work. It is a good solution for short trips in cities with favorable climate and topography.


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