Fix a dent in the bumper with hot water seems easy

Today many people still complain that modern cars use materials such as plastic siding . The good news is that plastic is inexpensive, lightweight and easy to repair. Many foreign dents in the fenders are discharged with little more than that, a dent and some scratches. The plastic is flexible, safe and above a stress point where the impact breaks the piece, the light touches usually involve small dents that are sometimes simple to repair.

as easy to repair as in this video, which is sufficient a bit of banter, and hot water, to recover the original shape before the accident bumper . A video also serves to remind some very basic lessons about health and safety at work of mechanics, sheet metal and paint. Use gloves and, above all, never put you repair a car, and throwing boiling water with you, completely barefoot.

Via: Jalopnik
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