Flat bottom and diffuser “truth” for the new Alpine (teaser)

Teaser de la aerodinámica del nuevo Alpine

to Talk about Alpine necessarily mean to go back in time to remember those glorious years of motor racing. At that time sports were really sporting and not normal cars, and currents that can go a bit faster than the rest as it is today. In short, sensations. But when we hear the word Alpine we must also think in future, in the immediate future in particular, and is that Renault is going to relaunch with a model that takes many months to increase our heart rate.

The challenge of Renault with the relaunch of Alpine is pretty hard, as will not be an easy task to get close to the legendary Alpine A110. His successor will come during this 2017. After the jump we leave you a short video teaser that makes us see that the new model is totally serious, if there was still any doubt of it. The Alpine 120 (name still not confirmed) will have a studied aerodynamic design with the aim of keep glued to the asphalt without decreasing significantly its aerodynamic penetration.

As in the cars of Formula 1, the new model will have a flat bottom that will generate suction the body toward the ground, in addition to a diffuser rear that will improve the flow of air. The forms of the body, with curves, very soft, to ensure a low drag coefficient. We have not yet been able to see images of the final production model, but the new Alpine will be quite similar to the concept presented a few months ago.

in Addition to a careful aerodynamics, we expect also a weight very content that will give a reduced weight to power ratio, which is always a guarantee of fair play and quick step-by curve; specifically, it has been rumored that will be close to 1,100 pounds. Yes and we inform you a few days ago that its chassis will be made of aluminum, in addition to some other parts of the body. Your engine is still a secret, although it has already been discussed that probably use a 1.8 or a 2.0 turbo that will have a power between 250 and 300 HP. Said propeller will be located in a central position.

Teaser de la aerodinámica del nuevo Alpine