Flavio Briatore: “it Was impossible to predict that McLaren was so bad”


Photo: McLaren

The former manager of Benetton and Renault, Flavio Briatore, spoke to the radio station Italian RAI. In it he spoke about several topics of the Formula 1 current, highlighting those that are, for different reasons, the teams that most foci have been in 2015: Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren. And, further, believes that in 2016 Hamilton and Rosberg will be the drivers to beat: “I Think that between Mercedes and Ferrari there is still an important space, so that the computer of the arrows of silver also remains the favorite for the next year. I see Mercedes is technically very advance. In addition, they have Hamilton, they can hit hard, which is brimming with confidence in himself and doesn’t make mistakes. But to be honest, will have to wait to the first race of 2016 to have a clear picture”.

For Briatore, the team that has improved most this course is the Maranello: “Ferrari is the surprise of the year. The only team that has made real progress. The beginning of the season I was convinced that the Mercedes engine is so good that Williams would acquiesce as his main rival, but we now know that Ferrari is the only one that could prevent an easy victory of the German team. Sebastian Vettel does a great job. It has motivated the whole team and all the racing is fast and consistent”. However, you do not see the four-time champion and Hamilton to be peers: “Champion can only be one, so that it is no use to have two stars. There is to be a pilot number 1 and a number 2 you get points to win the constructors championship”.

The Italian revealed that he had an offer to be team leader of the Scuderia: “it Was a possibility before I got Jean Todt. But I was in Benetton and was very well and couldn’t decide as I would like, and not made. Then I have to say that the election of Todt was correct, came out of the rally and proved to be very good, also gaining thanks to the men who signed for Benetton, not only Schumacher, but also many technicians and engineers”. Finally referred to another pilot who achieved the success, Fernando Alonso, whose season has been worse than I imagined: “it Was impossible to predict that it was just as bad. The initial difficulties were foreseeable, but the season has gone by so bad has been an unpleasant surprise, especially knowing how it works Honda. I hope that the next year will take a major step forward, and we will see to what level they are with respect to their rivals”.