Flawless Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4 rally to auction


One of the animators of the rallies of the seventies and eighties, the 308 GTB Group 4.

The Ferrari 308 GTB is considered by many as the first Ferrari eight-cylinder street, and although it is not right does not cease to be true, as the Dino 308 GT was submitted only a little before with the same block transverse 3.0-litre but without the emblems of Ferrari. Soon after the castings, but initially went to the market alone under the name Dino.

Although it was not developed as a racing car, you could find several copies at the Rallies europeans of the following years, especially the few units developed by the specialist MIchelotto. This prepared only a handful of these special 308 GTB Group 4, it is estimated that about 14, of which no one knows for certain their location, or current status.

In this case we have available in the next auction Grand Marques Du Monde at the Grand Palais, organized by Bonhams in Paris, a copy converted to specifications Group-4. This has been prepared by the specialist JMR, which underwent a thorough preparation which included doors and hood made of fiber glass, replacement of glasses to the side and rear by Makrolon, radiator bigger suspension and revised among others.


Their estimates point to between 200,000 and 300,000 euros.

The result is a 308 GTB lighter and empowered. Weighs about 1.085 kg and his renewed engine with new forged pistons, valves, and other is able to deliver up to 301 HP. That’s about 200 pounds less and about 46 horsepower more than the 308 GTB fed by carburetors.

Following its restoration and transformation, the 308 GTB was employed by a Spanish rider in a few events in 2016, as the Rally of the Costa Brava, the Rally 2000 Virages and the Alp-la Masella Hill Climb. In this last test even proved the winner.

The auction house predicts a value between 200,000 and
300,000 euros
, a price clearly higher than that of the units Stradale
regular, which rarely reach or exceed 100,000, unless
these correspond to the specifications vetroresina, the first
manufactured units model with fiberglass body in
instead of metal.


Their status is impeccable and their value, very high.

Shortly after, Ferrari conceded to the demands of the
customers and rode bodies of steel in the workshop of Scaglietti. Today
day are the most sought and valued, with price between 150.000 and
200,000 euros.