Flying Huntsman 6 × 6, the ultimate accessory for the adventurous aristocrat eager


Gradually, companies like Kahn Design get that Land Rover Defender is becoming almost a fashion accessory. Like the Mercedes G-Class, the Defender is becoming Luxury SUV , besieged by preparers who try to give a more exclusive air to a serial car – is undeniable – is little more than a working tool. Some, like Kahn Design have decided to build a 6 × 6 luxury. The Flying Huntsman 6 × 6 is as unique as the mighty Mercedes G 63 AMG 6 × 6.

A G 63 AMG 6 × 6 with British flavor

Will he ever asphalt? We know you’re ready.

Kahn Design has started from the basis of a Land Rover Defender. They have extended their chassis and have added a third axis. Of course, the elongate body has mechanical and accordingly has received a marked improvement. To move the extra weight of the body, a third axis and an AWD system 6 × 6 need more beer than the 2.2-liter diesel Defender fitted as standard. Therefore, Kahn Design has employed a powerful 6.2 V8 LS3 of origin General Motors, an eight-cylinder with 430 hp.

This is the same engine that used the C6 Corvette without going any further, associated with an automatic gearbox six relations. Not only that, it has a complete set of lockable differentials , gearbox and an updated suspension and a new exhaust system stainless steel craft. The question is whether the potential owner of a Flying Huntsman ever get it out of the asphalt, or be limited to walk it by exclusive neighborhoods of central London. Those same neighborhoods that are against supercars.

Kahn built only six units of this amazing machine.

Not a Mercedes G 63 AMG 6 × 6, but the Flying Huntsman is almost as impressive. In addition to his mechanics, his body was garnished with a kit of Kahn Design in which large wheels at least 20 inches and a significant widening of its exterior are the defining features. The grille has the characteristic touch of Afzal Kahn and inside has endowed a luxury car ever seen in a Defender. Every surface was garnished with a luxurious leather and exudes opulence.

The seats are all bacquets and in the case of this model are partially upholstered with Scottish wool , the same with the fabric of the mythical skirts ago. Interestingly, I recently saw a Pagani Huayra with similar upholstery … will be the new fashion?

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