FMX: Tom Pagès conquest Sales for the fourth consecutive year in the Red Bull X-Fighters to date

With this issue fifteen years since the Monumental madrid became an arena is emblematic for the FMX. Once again, Sales is filled to the rafters of spectators, both local and foreigners who have traveled to be able to see the pilots execute maneuvers of high risk to several meters from the ground.

So classical approach is the ‘sanferminero’ of this event as the surprises early prior to the rocket that inaugurates officially the Red Bull X-Fighters. This year, the sponsors were dressed in attractive shape ‘the previous’ by highlighting a deliveryman for Dominos Pizza who after delivering a hobbyist one of their products, performed a stunt on one of the ramps of the stage, trunk dealer included.

however, yes, there was news unexpected. Not radically different from what we have seen in other years but necessary. In my opinion the competition is better understood for those who go to see the show. There is no longer a play-off initial if you do not attend the training sessions behind closed doors the previous day, you can not understand very well. Now the twelve pilots are competing in three groups of four riders. And there are classified six in total who compete in groups of two. The three resulting competing in the same final, where until now only had room for two.


The tricks can exceed 10 meters in height

The novillero Robinson, was premiered with a Special Flip

Not-so-novelty has been the inclusion of the two novilleros that by the votes on your videos have got the alternative in this particular event. Has spent half a decade since the frenchman David Rinaldo and the local Albacete, spain, Maikel Melero, jumped in Sales as apprentices. But for newbies, nothing of nothing, neither then, nor in the 2016 event. Both Tom Robinson as Sebastian Westberg, inauguraban their groups in the first round. He stressed to Robinson that in less than 50 seconds made a Special Flip, a trick that, years ago, it was a surprise. 50 seconds in a round brilliant with a few rivals in the category. Adam jones, Rob Adelberg, and the child prodigy, Levi Sherwood has gone with a style more clean and tricks stylized.

Adelberg showed their cards before the novillero with a Body Varial while Adam Jones was left hidden among the group of four, where both Adelberg as Sherwood were imposed on their rivals. The rookie deserved to go, but another year will be.

In the second group, opened up the melon the winner for the fourth consecutive year, Tom Pagès. Before the frightened gaze of his family ran the impossible tricks and gave away the Front Flair, a voleto on the quarter pipe in the lateral direction, as complicated as unnatural. And go if it goes well at the French. Dany Torres, so applauded, as usual, could not cope with a Lazy Flip among his repertoire. Or to the or to Clinton Moore who dared with the Volt from the ramp 35 metres.

In the third group, Melero, more mature that he never got to win face to the novillero and the japanese Taka Higashino. His battle companion in the semi-final would be Josh Sheehan with a double backflip he left the public speechless. A trick certainly sensitive that inevitably takes us years back to the same stage where Cameron Sinclair reminded us that this show involves many risks after an accident.


Some maneuvers are extremely complex

Semi-finals where there is no doubt

In the three rounds of semi-final, there were doubts on the part of the jury. Clear winners of their respective rounds in the clash of Melero (0) against Sheehan (5), Sherwood (0) cons Pagès (5) and Adelberg (0) against Moore (5). Although there were shows individual as stunning as you expected, certainly one is left with the feeling that you have already seen the peak of each ‘rider’.

Pagès, before the eyes of their parents did the hardest tricks

But of course, a grand finale that included an extra hop in case of a tie, faced during 75 seconds at the three opponents. Sheehan was collapsing in a Flair for the fault of a bad landing. A fall without importance for the jury was the determining factor. Pagès, impeccable as one would expect, though certainly excited about landing a jump with difficulties and fell into the ‘bonus trick’ excess height which forced the bike to fall straight from a very high.

also did Not have major physical consequences, but the French quickly rose to give away to the best public of the world the half of your equipment. Helmet included.

Pagès and the finalists celebrate the end of the Red Bull X-Fighters 2016

once again, a few doubts on the part of the jury to raise Pagès to the olympus of winners, overcoming in this scenario the legendary Travis Pastrana. And now, with the clock in hand, we have the minutes for the edition in 2017, where a server does not imagine how you can improve an event of 10 10.