Follow live the presentation of the Audi A5 2016


Audi already has been giving samples of how will be the new A5

We are getting closer to seeing the new A5. This same night, just an hour and a quarter, at 21:15, you’ll be able to follow live the presentation of the Audi A5 2016. The culmination of a work that takes more than a year getting to the point in a variety of environments and roads around the world.

In recent weeks, Audi has been daisy leaf by leaf with the A5. Little by little we have moved forward in the form of teasers of various aspects of this coupe based on the Audi A4. Both will be very similar, since one derives from the other, and it is thanks to this so we can get a mental image of how it will be.

expect many things of the Audi A5. But it will not be until shortly when we can say if the wait has been well deserved penalty or not. Recently we present some re-enactments very approximate about how I was going to be the second generation of the A5. Today we will pass these re-creations to reality.

now you know, here, live, from 21:15 hours. Then you will have all the information.