Follow live the presentation of the McLaren MCL32


McLaren will present publicly in a few minutes the car should mark a turning point in the evolution of his relationship with Honda. With two years of experience in the competition part of the japanese, the abolition of the token system and the new regulation, none of the two has as an excuse to justify the bad results. A great responsibility for the McLaren MCL32 now you will see the light.

For this reason, the optimism reigns in the team and, while Zak Brown has wanted to lower the expectations, the speech overall is on track to return to contest the podium positions. To look at them, McLaren surely have opted for a significant change in your decor, going back to include the traditional orange color that we all remember the times of its founder: Bruce McLaren.

McLaren has always been distinguished by to be a team innovative and bold in the development of their cars and, in a season in which the regulation requires all equipment to start almost from scratch, the quality will be crucial to get the desired results in a team that will confront 2017 the absence of Ron Dennis for the first time since the early 80’s.