Follows the development of the successor of the BMW 6-Series: we bring to you new spy pictures of

The truth is, there are few occasions in which our
photographers spy have gotten to hunt with their cameras to any of the
different prototypes of the the successor of the
BMW 6 Series
that there are in circulation. As well we have been publishing since
for quite some time now, the project of the development of the new 6 Series follows in
and running and although still do not know if finally the resulting model take the name of BMW Series 8 or
it will continue with its current name, with every week that passes we are closer to
learn new information.

BMW Serie 6 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy the successor to the BMW 6 Series Coupé.

On this occasion, the engineers of BMW have moved to the north of Europe to perform their particular tests winter both with the prototypes of body-coupe and cabrio (convertible), and proof of this are these new spy pictures. In them we can see both test units facing a road completely nevada and demonstrating their capabilities on the ground in this type of extreme conditions.

As we have already commented on other occasions, this kind of tests are perfect for the engineers of any auto manufacturer can get in extreme conditions and in real the answer that provides the mechanical, electronic and the own vehicle before the hard cold. In the period of greatest heat, the opposite is true, as they look to regions that reach very high temperatures.

During these last few months, our photographers have been “captured” in their objectives numerous prototypes of this new generation that, as we say, still leaves us with the question of whether or not there is a “christening” of the same. In previous articles we compare the size of these models of testing with the BMW 6 Series Coupé and Cabrio current conveyed to us the feeling that its dimensions will be very similar.

BMW Serie 6 Cabrio 2018 - foto espía

we Also caught another prototype body convertible.

therefore, it is very possible that finally in BMW are committed to preserving the appellation Series 6 and do not make any changes in this aspect. However, by the time it is something that we cannot state categorically. Will have to keep waiting. In terms of the prototypes photographed, the truth is that there are hardly any changes in the camouflage. Is more, we can say that we maintained as we have seen to date.

In the case of the successor of the current BMW 6 Series Cabrio, seems to be an obvious bet for a canopy-type textile. Although in spy photos above, we were able to catch a glimpse of more details on the system, a convertible, and hinted that under the hood of canvas that we will continue a process of manufacturing multi-layer material to provide better thermal and acoustic insulation, you may have some rigid elements that provide more consistency and strength to the system.