For a complete schedule of presentations of F1 cars

F1 2017

Starts in a few days the pre-season F1 2017, all finalise details and prepare for a few weeks of intense work and testing before arriving in Australia, where will take place the first race of the season. The factories have been and are full of capabilities, producing parts, not only the ones you’ll see in the presentations, and tests, but that will come with future updates that have already planned and which are to be tested in the preseason…

As you know, the rules have changed, the cars will be more aggressive, with higher downforce and more powerful. The tires are also wider, and with everything added to it is estimated that it will gain about 5 seconds per lap compared to the past year. Therefore the cars will be much more physical in terms of driving and there will be a greater difference between the pilots who are best prepared and which are not.

F1 2017

For me this is one of the dates most exciting of the season, even more than when they start racing. The reason? Because the wanted to see the new cars, especially when there are changes to the technical standards as important as it give it 2017. So, here we bring to you a calendar the presentations, so as not to miss even a single detail of the new cars, which we will analyse technical and aesthetic ActualidadMotor as they arise.

Mercedes 23-02-2017 Silverstone
Red Bull 26-02-2017 Montmeló
Ferrari 24-02-2017 Fiorano
Force India 22-02-2017 Silverstone
Williams For confirm For confirm*
McLaren 24-02-2017 Woking
Toro Rosso 26-02-2017 Montmeló
Haas 26-02-207 Montmeló
Renault 21-02-2017 London
Sauber 20-02-2017 Montmeló

*Just need to confirm Williams, which is the last track on confirm the date of presentation. By the way, as you already know, Manor will not be on the grid this season and they again have 10 teams. Dies the last team of the low cost, after the Lotus (Caterham) and HRT.