For if they were not sufficient: performance packet for the BMW M4 and M3

just two days Ago jumped the rumor that BMW was working on some improvements to two of their creatures more idolized, the M3 and the M4. The own CEO of the company warned, although I assure you that would not come until the spring. Well then, you are official the new packages of performance to the BMW M4 and BMW M3.


Sure that you recognize these tires quickly

And is that there are people in this world that does not seem to be sufficient with the standard model, which already are in the top sporting segment. To save the life, BMW improved this performance-based touch-ups mechanical and aesthetic. That yes, will not be available until the spring, as said Frank Van Meel.

The improvements consist in the gain 19 HP with respect to the series models. Remember that in both cases we are talking of a six-cylinder in-line Twin PowerTurbo with three-liter displacement and 431 horses of power. Thanks to the tweaks, the BMW M3 and BMW M4 will be able to reach 450 HP.

Another of the changes comes with the transmission, as it will be available as an option to a change M Sprint dual-clutch seven-speed that will allow to reduce by a tenth of a second the time it takes to do the 0 to 100 Km/h. Now being four seconds, accurate to the M3 and M4, and 4.3 seconds for the M4 Convertible.


The interior will include all the possible equipment and details own

The increase of power is accompanied by a modification of the suspensions. will Be included as standard suspension adaptive M, with new shock absorbers, springs and stabilizer bars. There will be several driving modes: Comfort, Sport and Sport +. It has also been recalibrated rear differential and active the DSC to show a dynamic level higher.

But the packages do not only fall on the mechanics or the performance, but so do aesthetics. The first thing that calls our attention are the wheels of design in diamond, taken directly from the BMW M4 GTS. Add to that a body has been worked on by BMW Individual, with decorative elements in glossy black, including the exhaust outlets.

In terms of its interior, and as is usual in packages of performance of BMW, the M3 and M4 improved will include typical elements, such as special seating, M lightweight, seat belts with stitching M, and all the extra equipment you can imagine and need.


The outer line is complete with moldings in gloss black

By the time are unaware of the prices that will be coming to market these packages of performance to the BMW M3 and M4. We have already said that until the spring will not come, and it is a way of bringing to a general audience the BMW M4 GTS’s that are already sold 700 units that were available.