For Land Rover the next generation of the Defender will be vital

In the world all-terrain there are three models that most vehicles are an institution. Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the Land Rover Defender have been defined to perfection how it should be a good all-rounder. They are hard, rough, up for any site and its mechanical reliability is to test all doubt. However, as you have changed the tastes of the customers and standards of safety and anti-pollution have become more hard, their space in the market has been closing.

Of these three models which, for now, has left is the Land Rover Defender. Keep this iconic model on the market as we have known it was ruinous for the firm. The adaptations that had to suffer for this to be fulfilled, on passing the budgets of the English house and the managers of the brand decided to sacrifice him. However, that has died does not mean that the signature of the Group, Tata Motors is not thinking of launching another model with the same technical characteristics and, who knows, even charisma.

new generation of Land Rover Defender have already been filtering out there some photos, or rather renders. However, the real information comes to us from the mouth of Gerry McGovern, Chief designer of the brand. As has been said to several media, the next generation of the Land Rover Defender will appeal to customers who currently have one in your garage and to those who had not ever thought of buying a model of the brand.

According to his statements, the Land Rover Defender

“is a vehicle that for a long time was the core emotional of our brand. With the end of evolucionarla towards the future we need to create vehicles desirable and relevant to attract a wider group of customers”

however, McGovern has made it clear that the visual identity of the old Defender will be present in the new. Both its positioning in the market as engineering are designed to be a vehicle very robust that you can go through all the possible scenarios showing the highest reliability.

For now there are no definitive dates for that this mythical model return to our lives, but out there, you hear that it will be around in the year 2020; is it true?

Source – Land Rover

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