For McLaren, it would be “disappointing” to finish outside the top 3 in 2017


McLaren has fled from the expectations during the season 2016, trying to go step by step and without repeating the mistakes of 2015. But with the arrival of the new regulation and the improvement of last year by Honda and McLaren, both Jonathan Neale -Chief operating officer – as Eric Boullier -Sports Director-, they believe that the team should aim to finish the season among the three best teams in the championship.

Jonathan Neale in statements to Autosport, think “you must aim high” and stated that they would feel “disappointed if we are quarters in the world. That’s probably the more pragmatic view, but no progress being pragmatic. We want to win and we want to win as soon as possible. We have team, we have a few riders capable of winning and, at the chassis level, we have to match that performance, both Honda as the us. The new aerodynamics and the uncertainty about the tyres give us a chance. I’d like to think that we can take advantage of it,”, ” said Neale.

, Eric Boullier writes in a similar manner and believes that the progression of the team in the past two years invited to do so. “I Want to be pragmatic and not put expectations too high. In 2015 we were ninth, sixth last year, so hopefully we are in the top four this year. We want to win as soon as possible, but I’m realistic. I’m happy with the way of dealing with the project on the part of Honda and I’m happy with the engineers of McLaren. Everything works perfectly now. They work very hard, but the days in which you can have a new idea for an aerodynamic package and earn a second have been completed. There are now to gain time little by little. And it is only that, while”, something that the exigency inherent in a team like McLaren not always on your side.