For now, Mazda confirms that there will be no merger whatsoever with Toyota

In a automotive sector increasingly globalized and in which there is to look at the penny at the time of making investments, alliances and unions between groups, builders and brands is of vital importance. At first you might think that the major players, such as Toyota, would not need the external help of any partner, however, is not always the case, as there are small manufacturers like Mazda, that treasure in his breast a great know-how.

If a leader is really a good leader, knows that the important thing is not to be clever, but tell your vera with people even more intelligent he for that will help you achieve your goals. This culture, unfortunately, in Europe we have internalized, but in Japan is the most normal thing in the world, and for this reason, it has carried out the cooperation agreement that was signed by time ago Toyota and Mazda for the development of technologies in various fields.

After the signing of this memorandum of intent by both firms jumped all alarms, because it was thought that the giant (Toyota) would end up eating the small fish (Mazda). However, as stated by Masahiro Moro, President and CEO of Mazda North America, this will not be so in this agreement will not be included at any time any clause that were a fusion.

According to the executive of the firm of Hiroshima, the lines of work will be limited to the construction of the new plant in Alabama, develop vehicles in communion (as the Yaris R-based on-and Mazda 2 sedan) or the electrification of some models. It has also confirmed that Mazda will continue to work in the technology Skyactiv-X that premiered on the next generation of the compact 3 and that will allow the brand to extend the period for not counting with vehicles powered with electricity.

With this technology, expect reduce their costs by between 20 and 30 percent, so it is not necessary to have partners that will provide economic strength to their projects. In any case, in this sector there is nothing written for what at any time we may have some news that indicated that Toyota and Mazda finally come to some sort of broader agreement. In the end, the mentality of japanese business has nothing to do with the european and the survival of the companies are above all.

Who knows what will happen.

Source – Mazda

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