For sale a Ferrari F40 painted blue by Ferrari Classiche


The rims blacked out are the only discordant note.

After decades of leaving his mark in the history books, Enzo Ferrari gave us for posterity one of its greatest icons, the Ferrari F40, created to commemorate the 40 years of the firm that bears his name and considered since its introduction, one of the models most distinctive and desired brand.

Invincible, the F40 was born to have no rivals that they really were at their height. The Porsche 959 was considered as a as such although it really had nothing to do against the Italian sports, or even the larger versions of the Lamborghini Countach were at the height of the model that the same Enzo Ferrari commissioned his engineers asking them to plain and simple the best sports in the world without hesitation.

One of the myths that has surrounded this sport was the range of colors in which it was available, because of 1.315 units finally made (the figure popularly accepted even though it has never been confirmed) officially they were all the color red, however, there have been a few exceptions, as is the case of the delivered to the team belgian Ecurie Francorchamps yellow or the units entrusted by the Sultan of Brunei, that well look another color that wasn’t the usual red had a steering wheel to the right, another of the myths that surrounds the F40, because it is said that as the 288 GTO, all had a steering wheel to the left.


The blue does not detract from the characteristic dimensions of the F40.

But after close to 30 years, there has been plenty of time for the units manufactured have changed color, so that, although unusual, as it is not unusual to find units in different colors, such as silver, black or the above-mentioned yellow, but is not so common to find yourself with one color blue, adorned with the now regular lines plying the body, in this case, the colors of the flag of Italy.

This issue is at the dealership in london Joe Macari, a true shrine to the sport and the classics, and where we can find throughout the year a huge catalog of jewelry on wheels. The dealership, which is located in a quite area central of the british capital, is very accessible. But if ojeamos your web page, you can find authentic icons of the motor world, both current and classic.

In this case, we called attention to one of the latest additions to its catalog, a Ferrari F40 which, although it looks a paint applied afterwards, this has been carried out by the prestigious division of vehicles of the firm of Maranello, Ferrari Classiche. We’re not talking about a repair job or paint any.


In the interior we did not find changes with respect to its original specifications.

only the exterior is shown in this new peculiarity, since except for the color, the model is not only intact but in a nearly complete state of originality, as can be seen in the images of the interior, which are displayed as any other copy. The blue decoration is topped with a longitudinal stripe in the colors of the Italian flag lot, edged with a fillet gray, and some spoked wheels obscured, that we doubt whether the style of this sports.

The model is on sale for a price high enough even for a copy of the F40, 875.000 pounds or 1.114.300 euros. The reason of the price is due precisely to the certificate of Ferrari Clasiche, something that can not boast all the F40 today, and that normally tend to have the classic most sought after of the brand. In addition, this copy is from 1992 so it is the last to be manufactured and account with only 16,500 kilometers of use. A very low amount but that also makes it the F40 with less usage for sale in the last few years.

Currently, the Ferrari F40 most expensive sold corresponds with a copy too of 1992, which was auctioned by Coys during the summer of 2015. It had the distinction of having belonged to a single owner up to the time of sale and its mileage was also very low, 7.881 kilometers. Its more than obvious little use attached to their perfect state and full degree of originality made it hit the highest value paid never by one of these models, 1.224.923 euros. So the figure you are asked by the Ferrari blue us is so high.


The paint job is excellent.

Obviously, a private sale can always achieve a higher price at any auction, and what is more important, it is always negotiable, so we do not believe that this issue comes to change hands over 1.1 million euros, although since then its image is the most curious.