For sale on eBay a Smart ForTwo Pickup six wheels, What a bizarre!

Smart ForTwo Pickup

In we’ve talked about all kinds of preparations of cars. And that is the truth, any type of modification to vehicles you’re thinking of has been done or is in process right now. Different preparers of cars spread all over the world work daily to create models that are totally unique. Like today, I show you and which, we stress, is for sale. It is a Smart Fortwo Pickup.

So, the small urbanite for excellence has been transformed by the guys from TNT Promotional Vehicles to create what you’re seeing in these images, a pick-up truck of three axles with six wheels in total. This is not the first time that we see a Smart ForTwo’s three-axis, , since a while ago became viral another preparation of this model and by which it is sought to create a kind of sedan.

Smart ForTwo Pickup - lateral

Taking a quick look at this preparation of TNT, the truth is that we cannot avoid thinking in other models of six wheels on you, you would cry to see this authentic bizarrada. A clear example is the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6, or the Kahn Klying Huntsman. Do you put any of them face-to-face with the Smart ForTwo Pickup? Better not.

As we say, it is a unique model that is for sale on eBay. The seller has not given many details about the vehicle itself, although we know that the work has been done on a ForTwo year 2013 with 29,000 miles on their backs. On the engine the seller says nothing, so we have to weigh that makes use of an engine 1.0 liter three cylinders and 70 HP of power.

Smart ForTwo Pickup - posterior

Its price is about 14.810 euros. What do you think? how would you Pay so much for this pick-up that in a nutshell is everything but a pick-up? Perhaps it is better to appreciate the rarity and exclusivity of the model itself.