For sale: Volkswagen Beetle year 1974 brand new, with only 89,9 km on the odometer!

Usually these stories have the same common denominator. Collector acquires exclusive car, stored for decades in a garage, sells it and gets a fat profit. This case is different. Silverstone Auctions to auction on the 28th of may – in the event Classic Race Aarhus Auction, in Denmark – a Volkswagen Beetle from the year 1974, with only 89,9 kilometers on the odometer. Incredible as it may seem, this car was used on a weekly basis for 4 years. How could travel only 90 miles?

In Italy, the Volkswagen Beetle is sold under his sympathetic Italian translation: “Maggiorino”.

The story is peculiar. The car was sold by a dealer Italian (Genoa) of Volkswagen in 1974, to a particular. An old man named Armando Sgroi. A religious man, who had never had a car in his life, and not really what I wanted. Agreed to family pressures, since each time will cost more effort to walk the way from his house to the local church. Used the car for just four years, to go just from your house to the church, and less frequently as his health was deteriorating.

volkswagen-escarabajo-subasta-6The car only covered for 89.9 kilometers, all with the same owner. The car was rescued by his heirs years later, and restored very lightly before offering at auction. Simply, repintaron the body and I thought that would have put to point the simple mechanical air-cooled four – cylinder opposed and 1.3 liters of displacement. No, still has the oil original in your interior and its tyres are the originals. Needless to say, the bloodbath that could cause try to restart the engine.

You still have the oil original in your engine and your tires from the factory. Of course, is not to “walk” with him.

After almost 40 years of inactivity, the oil will have become a paste difficult to pull out of the engine. It would be easier to mount a new engine, but the auction house says that would break the authenticity and status of a “capsule”temporary of this small Maggiorino. However, there are cars extremely valuable, or much less – for being very abundant. By being a unit so special, Silverstone Auctions estimates that your sale price could range between 35,000 euros and 40,000 euros.


Source: Carscoops