For the first time we see the Bugatti Chiron with your body definitive

To date, the Bugatti Chiron has been able to dodge all the objectives of our photographers. There are not many images of him, and those that are presented to us an old Veyron converted, until now. From Germany we get these images of the Bugatti Chiron with your body definitive.


As if such a thing, two units of Chiron were discovered on German roads

little by Little we know more details of this new beast, big time. In terms of power it is already known that Bugatti has decided to opt for the hybridization to reach levels of power never before seen until now. it Is speculated with a figure close to 1500 horsepower, extracted from the combination of a gasoline engine W16 and one or two electric motors.

These terms are still ambiguous, because it is all talk until that Bugatti is not confirmed officially. Although the power and performance will be fundamental pieces of the Chiron, also what will be your look. By the time costs to guess the final form of the same, but thanks to these new images we’re making a idea.

ahead of we can say nothing, except that it will integrate the typical grill of Bugatti. Recently we show you some images of what appeared to be a mule testing on the Chiron. This had us headlamps are very different to those of the Veyron, with a narrow design, although as we say we can’t secure it.

This is not the case with the rear, that every time he goes showing more finished off. It is impossible to see the images and do not remember the last prototype presented by Bugatti at the last Frankfurt show, the Vision Gran Turismo. The similarity between them is more than evident. Both in behind and in the side, with that huge C making framework of the doors. We already know of who has borrowed your design of the Chiron.


The framework in the form of C will become part of the final design of the Chiron

Bugatti still has not announced official release date. The project is progressing at a good pace, despite the rumors that placed him in the guillotine after the scandal that is rocking the entire Volkswagen Group. Chiron is far from being finished, but if all goes as the brand hoped, the next year, at the end, we should see it in all its glory.