For the Raspberry Pi can also be space in the car


a few weeks Ago we talked about the popularity that is getting the Linux operating system in projects free software focused on the automotive.

Now with the release of Unified Code Base 2.0, the projects in development are becoming more powerful and in addition there is another platform that is also very popular since some years ago has been found in the Unified Code Base your half-orange. I speak of Raspberry Pi.

This small but killer team has received support in the second version of the system AGL and therefore can be used as the center of operations of this software whose functionality you will not have more limits than the imagination of the developers.


Also other similar plates as MinnowBoard Max have received support for this platform in this release with support for screens in the rear seats with which the occupants will be able to play audio-visual content.

For the future it is hoped to extend this platform to Heads Up Display, and even for control of autonomous vehicles.