For the third consecutive time, the N-320 is the most dangerous road in Spain

As usual, every year of EuroRAP, in collaboration with RACE and RACC, draws up a report on the loss ratio in spain. Analyzed thousands of accidents and determine which are the most conflictive points of our road network. On this occasion, for the third consecutive year, a stretch of the N-320 is listed as the most dangerous road in Spain.


The miles hazardous have decreased 2% compared to last year

97 stretches have been declared as hazardous, of which 18 of them could be considered as black dots because of its high loss ratio. That is to say 3.506 miles of high-risk a total of 24.803 km analyzed. This implies a decrease of 442 miles over the last year.

Returning to the stretch more conflicting the study has found that the N-320 to your step between the town of Casar de Talamanca (Guadalajara), and the junction with the M-103 to Algete (Madrid) is the most dangerous of our network. In the last three years, this point has accumulated a total of 10 serious accidents, causing two deaths and 12 serious injuries.

however is not the only stretch that repeated on the list, we also found the N-6 between the Guadarrama and San Rafael, the N-432 between Alcalá la Real and to the boundary with Granada, take the N-230 to your step-by-Vilaller, the N-431 between Toledo and Ciudad Real, and the N-322 between Favara and Swedish, both localities of the province of Valencia.

it Is noteworthy that not all the news is bad. Because the study also demonstrates that since 2008, fatal accidents have decreased in Spain a 60%. But this does not have to relax to watch the road. It is essential to warn drivers of the hazardous nature of the stretch, if it is this can not be corrected by other means.


The bikes are still showing a high accident rate, especially on secondary roads

By autonomous communities, the study certifies that Galicia is the community with the greatest number of miles hazardous, a 19%, followed by Catalonia, 18.9%, Asturias, 18.8% and Aragon, a 18.3%. On the other side of the scale we find Murcia, the Basque Country and Navarra, which do not have any stretch of special hazard.