For their autonomous cars Ford patents a table with airbags

driving autonomous will come to our lives before or after. Whether we like it or not, will prevail, and modifying our behavior and habits behind the wheel. One of the most important modifications that will bring about will be the realization of the “tasks”, by calling them somehow, that up to now were not performed in a car (or at least behind the wheel).

Ford is one of the brands that is moving forward in the automation of the driving and among the many fronts that have opened, is the investigation of the uses to which it will be able to have their autonomous cars. One of the many that may occur is that, in its interior, while the vehicle is moving, to make work meetings around a table on which would be the materials employed for this purpose.

This situation is not new, as many are minivans that are equipped with a folding table on which to carry out meetings. However, by law, today, these meetings can not be performed while the vehicle is in motion, since the seats must be oriented in the same direction of travel. For this reason, when autonomous cars take over our roads, could carry out these meetings, and as is logical, the safety of the passengers there to look after her.

Taking into account this new situation, Ford has patented for their autonomous cars table retractable which has in its interior an airbag to protect the safety of those who gather around it. According to the brand, this situation will be each time more, and therefore you can not neglect every one of the details (security and comfort) that bring the autonomous cars.

The research in these security measures are produced to counteract, in every possible way, the replacement of the hand of the man by the intelligence of a machine. It is true that the majority of accidents occur because of human error, but if the manufacturers want driving autonomous to succeed can not afford a failure in security. For now, this invention will it take to get to the streets but the road is already marked, and Ford knows where to go to get there.

Source – Ford

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