For what a Ford Fiesta RS taking the ST 280 BHP Mountune?


The Ford Fiesta ST Mountune reaches 280 HP

Fiesta RS does not exist, at least during this generation that soon we will say goodbye to welcome the new. While both the Ford Fiesta ST200 is the most powerful from the factory But what possibilities do I have if I want my Ford Fiesta is even more of an edge? Mountune, the well-known trainer specializing in the blue oval has the solution.

265 HP stable, and 280 HP with the function overboost

Mountune will launch a kit potentiation for the Ford Fiesta ST that will squeeze your little propeller of four cylinders and 1.6-liter EcoBoost in order to raise its maximum power until the 280 HP. The features of this Fiesta ST will improve noticeably and, although it does not entail any modifications in its aesthetic that make his presence more threatening, is the closest thing to a Fiesta RS that you can reach. Don’t worry if you think that you will drink too much this small thruster, Peugeot also has a 1.6-liter petrol that develops 272 HP from the factory.


The kit of empowerment is called MR265 that includes some modifications to a software update, an intercooler and a larger turbocharger Garrett GT2554R. Its maximum power output will be 265 HP stable, but thanks to the function overboost, which gives +15 HP and +30 Nm extra for a maximum of 20 seconds of the series in the model, reach 280 HP and 400 Nm of maximum torque. With the new changes, the small bullet american reaches 100 km/h from standstill in for 5.7 seconds, exactly one second less than the Fiesta ST200 factory.

For a Fiesta ST standard installation of this kit will involve a cost of something more than € 5,000 parts to which we add about 13 hours of workshop. The trainer announces that for those customers who have already installed one of their kit potentiation (MP215, MT215 or RM230) are eligible for this last update for a lower price depending on the already installed.


Difference between the Fiesta ST in stock and preparations for Mountune

as a general rule Mountune work with such an affinity with Ford their preparations, they often keep the manufacturer’s warranty. For example, in the recent empowerment of the Ford Focus RS Mountune that reaches up to 375 HP and 510 Nm of maximum torque while retaining the warranty. So even though we’re not yet sure of that until you know all of the data we rely on it.