Forbidden to miss this video, the Pagani Zonda Revolution rolling to the limit in Fuji

Pagani ZondaAlthough, in the present, the clear decline of the naturally aspirated engines has forced companies of sport to complete better each time the mechanical supercharged, it is impossible to match the purity and charm that transmits the sound of a heart of kw. This, among other things, is one of the reasons that leads some manufacturers to continue using them, despite the fact that regulations are becoming more restrictive. The Pagani Zonda Revolution mounts a motor of this nature, and have been recorded in video rolling to the limit in the circuit of Fuji. The sound is a melody brought from the heaven.

Pagani never disappoints with the models released onto the market. Between all of her jewelry highlights the Pagani Zonda Revolution, a Zonda really special. In addition to the powerful motor mounts, this model has been built with lightweight materials to minimize its total weight. In this way, with the help of the carbon and the titanium, in addition to a few discs of lighter weight brakes, the Pagani Zonda Revolution slows down the scale in 1.070 kg, 30 kg less than his brother, less powerful the Zonda R

Pagani ZondaAs I told, under the skin Italian mounts a powerful engine. We speak of a engine 6.0 V12 signed by AMG that develops 800 horsepower and 730 Nm of torque. This amazing heart is connected to a gearbox really fast, able to complete the changes in just 20 milliseconds. Although this is not all. The engineers at Pagani to set up a DRS system inspired by Formula 1 cars, a resource aerodynamic that does no more than raise the exclusivity of the model of which I speak.

For this reason you cannot miss the following video, where the Pagani Zonda Revolution is squeezed in the circuit of Fuji. Give volume to the speakers, and let yourself be extasiar by the sound that is born in the interior of this incredible supercar.

Source – Bingo Sports