Force India adds and continues: “on Sundays we never give up”


once more, Force India has managed to amend a weekend that had been complicated in ranking with a good performance in the race, accumulating as six Major Awards in a row, with their two riders in the points, a figure unequalled by the team in any period throughout its decade of existence.

From the 18th place on the grid, Sergio Perez put into practice one of their comebacks mark of the house to wrap up the test in seventh position. The mexican rider won five positions in the first turn, and a lucky pit stop, combined with the good pace of your VJM10, allowed him to take six points of a path in which three years ago achieved a podium (with former team-mate Nico Hülkenberg 5th), but in the last year were empty in their worst race of the season.

Perez, which he referred to the fact that you have added points in thirteen consecutive races as “an amazing achievement” said to be “very proud of my team today. to Finish seventh after having started from 18th is a great comeback, we can be very happy. The first lap was very important for my career. Had quite a bit of life in the tyre in the first stint, the lengthen the most that we could, and the Safety Car played into our favor, just when I needed to make the stop. We have taken advantage of every opportunity to the maximum, and the whole team, the engineers and the mechanics, it has fulfilled its part when you run a perfect race. We have shown, again, that on Sundays we never give up, and that we can come back stronger after a classification difficult”

For his part, Esteban Ocon, coming from the fourteenth position, he went back to finish again in tenth place, the same position he occupied in Australia and China. The French rider won positions with profusion throughout the race, and got end by a little bit in the back of the leader, but a stop is badly programmed and the appearance of the Safety Car were close to cause that the subsequent effort of the French was useless.

Ocon she regretted having lost the opportunity of adding more points, although values obtained: “It’s good to have got another point, but the Safety Car not has helped me today, and probably has cost me three positions. It is a pity, because the team has done everything well, but the Safety Car came out just after my first stop, so the luck has not been on my part. By removing that, the race was very fun, and I’ve had to fight very hard. My start has been very enjoyable. We have shown again that our car is strong in race conditions, probably better than in qualifying, and that is important because the points add up only the Sunday. My goal at the start of the season was to score points in all the races, but I know that we have the potential to add even more”.