Force India aims for top 3 in 2017


Force India has surprised everyone this season with their surprising fourth-place finish in the constructors ‘ championship. The performance of the computer is remarkable for years, but their tight budget did not think you could face up to teams like Williams or McLaren.

if all that wasn’t enough, Olmar Szafnauer, Chief operating officer of Force India, believes that the team is in a position to face up to the three big teams in 2017. “I Think if we go back to finish the quarter in the coming year, will be a big boost for this team, but why not to extend our goal to the third position? I don’t think that it is so unlikely that is unattainable and we should not have unattainable goals, because everyone raises the arms soon, I think that is an achievable goal”, said in a statement to GPUpate the Romanian.

Szafnauer believes, however, that the team should not be disappointed if not achieved, as the fourth of 2016 is already a great achievement for a training with limited resources as a Force India. “But if we don’t get it, we should not be disappointed. Even repeating what we have done this year in one season with the policy change that benefits the teams with far greater resources than ours, it would be good. I hope that we start 2017 as we finished (2016) and we are competitivos”.


Sergio Pérez, for its part, supports the ambition of Szafnauer and believes that the new regulation represents the best opportunity to get pass the initial objectives of Force India. “I Think that next year is our great opportunity to follow superándonos. I think that, with the change of rules, it is our greatest opportunity, try to enter between the first three at the end of the year, every year, we have advanced”. Sergio Perez, who this year had several offers to switch teams, he preferred to stay one more season in the hopes of being able to find a hole in a big team. The mexican is confident in the ability of Force India. “I See good potential, good people and I think that the budget is pretty good for the next year, in terms of what we can do with the updates, although we are not in the position of the big teams. I think that if we are on the right path in the coming year, we can definitely be in contention for the first three”.