Force India and Williams will not interfere in the negotiation between McLaren and Mercedes


The current situation between McLaren and Honda is still under debate and reviews the length and breadth of the paddock because, in one way or another, affects all the teams of Formula 1.

But the two most directly related are Williams and Force India, as customers of Mercedes, can be seen as a direct rival would be further boosted its competitiveness if it finally reaches an agreement to enjoy the thrusters germans.

Claire Williams recognizes that it would not be good for the team founded by his father, but recognizes that his influence in the negotiation would be null and void. “I’m Not aware of whether they have occurred or not talks between McLaren and Mercedes. Clearly, it would be ideal for us, but I do not think that Williams have to interfere in it. Are conversations that must occur without us”.

it Would be good for the sport that McLaren’s return to be as competitive as it has always been

Vijay Mallya, founder of Force India, believes that it would be good for Formula 1 to have McLaren back to the top places, because it is a key team in the history of the category. “we All want McLaren to be competitive. It is a team with a great history, a great presence in the Formula 1 and personally I am sorry to see you suffer the way you are doing it. So that would be good for the sport in general that McLaren will return to be as competitive as it has always been”.

But regardless of this, the indian businessman agrees with Williams in that it is a matter not concerning them and considers that the FIA would not allow that McLaren would be left without engines. “If you want Mercedes engines is something between them. In regard to the regulatory aspects, these should be corrected, because I don’t think that the FIA go to silence the spectators in a situation in which McLaren do not have engine”.


Without a doubt, McLaren has become a great threat to Williams and Force India in the case of fitting the motors Mercedes.

And is that McLaren is facing an inconvenient legal in the case of the choice finally made by the Mercedes engine, as the regulation does not allow a motorist to provide more than three teams without their express approval, contemplating in addition to the assumption that, if a team is seen without a rider, the brand with the least training in its portfolio of customers would be forced to reach a settlement with said team, that would leave McLaren in a position to carry Honda engines.

Horner doubt of the agreement

Another of the teams indirectly involved would be Red Bull, who currently is the team leader with the worst performance and could find in McLaren to a direct rival if the team based in Woking started to use Mercedes engines.


Christian Horner tried to do something similar to what you intend to McLaren, but he found it impossible to find a workable solution and stayed with Renault.

Christian Horner, in any case, says not to be worried by this, as McLaren already had Mercedes engines in the past and still was no match for Red Bull. “Are the problems of McLaren and if they had that engine… it already had before… if they had it would be more competitive than they currently are”, granted Horner, who after talking with Brown on the subject, does not believe that the negotiation be likely to thrive. “Talking with Zak (Brown) the other day, I said that I thought I was watching the same movie that we live a couple of years ago, so it doesn’t sound particularly hopeful on that will have Mercedes engines next year”.

The situation to which Horner refers to is the one experienced by Red Bull in 2015, when it came to a critical situation in its relationship with Renault, as the French brand was going through remarkable difficulties to make you give up your engine. The austrian brand was even able to test a Honda engine, but Ron Dennis vetoed the agreement and, after seeing that Mercedes and Ferrari were offering them engines very little bit competitive, decided to continue with the French engines, which were renamed as TAG Heuer.

how to Help Honda?

throughout the season, it has been suggested on several occasions that Mercedes has provided technical assistance to Honda, something that is also Bernie Ecclestone came to be asserted in relationship with Ferrari in 2016. The theory says that the domain that exerts the German brand can be counter-productive to his image, which would be strengthened if he beat his rivals in a contest over disputed.


From left to right, Andy Cowell (Mercedes), Jonathan Neale (McLaren) and Cyril Abiteboul (Renault) during a press conference held at Silverstone.

But neither Renault nor Mercedes seem to be willing to lend assistance of any kind to Honda, according to what is said by two of his strong men over the weekend at Silverstone. Cyril Abiteboul, head of Renault Sport F1 believes that it would not even be logistically feasible, since the thrust units of both brands are very distintan each other. “I don’t remember any volunteer that we provide help when we had our problems in the past. I don’t think that is something that was something that we’d like to do and I don’t think Honda what grant him, honestly. It would be extremely difficult to provide support because of their engine architecture will be very different than mine. I don’t think that is really credible”.

Abiteboul, however, believes that Honda will find the right path for itself and that the only thing you need to do this is time. “I Think that is a problem of time, not of resources or capacity. When you leave the Formula 1, it takes a lot of time to rebuild it all”.

I Think that collectively we have helped Honda by relaxing and subsequently eliminating the rules of tokens

Andy Cowell, Director-General of the area of engines of Mercedes, also discards a help for Honda, considering that already is supported in his time by relaxing the rules of the tokens in 2015 and eliminating it by 2017. “I Think that collectively we have helped with the convergence in the first season and the development during the same, we all agree that Honda had the same opportunity to change everything in his first year, and then came the proposal of the builders with Honda saying: ‘please, can we delete the tokens table because it is bad for the sport?’ It is bad if someone can’t train to improve and that’s why we agreed, because it means that we can innovate”, said Cowell.

the architect of The powerful engine, Mercedes says, like his colleague Cyril Abiteboul, that Honda is much more capable than you think and predicts a recovery very early in the japanese. “I Think that none of us should underestimate the technical prowess of Honda and McLaren, I would bet my money that this combination will improve and very quickly,”. Something which, if they occur, without a doubt would blow with all the conversations and rumors about the engine that McLaren will use in 2018.