Force India attributed to bad luck, their bad start of the season 2016


Photo: Force India

With only six points, added by Nico Hülkenberg in the Grand Prix of Australia, Force India figure in the seventh position in the Constructors ‘ . A balance that does not respond to the expectations generated by the good form that the team showed in the second half of last season, since in the month of July to introduce the specification B of his car.

The great prize of Bahrain and China ended with two zeros, the first time that the computer was empty in two consecutive races from that, a year ago, given the same circumstance in the big prizes of Malaysia and Bahrain (interestingly, then also the second and third test of the calendar). In Shanghai, Sergio Pérez and Nico Hülkenberg came to be third and fourth on the bars initial, but finished out of the points, the posts, the eleventh and the fifteenth.

But the team angloindia is convinced that this poor streak is not related to your true potential, and believes that you just need a weekend without problems to add back points on a regular basis. “China was one of those weekends. We made a good start but unfortunately we had to stop in the pit lane, and then fight on the platoon; when you do that, you spend most tires and that’s why we made stops earlier than planned; for this, our last relay with the pneumatic medium was longer and it was when some rivals were able to pre-empt”, told Autosport Omar Szafnauer, chief operating officer of Force India.

“Obviously, it’s disappointing, because we have not been able to show our true pace in any race. In Australia, there was a red flag, nothing to do with us; in the second, our two drivers had incidents. In the central part of the group, the fight is very close, so that when such things happen, you have to go right, but only took three runs and the good news is that we have a good pace, as demonstrated by classifying both cars in the top 10. We just need a trouble-free race, keep working hard, and so we will get the points we deserve”,added Szafnauer.