Force India believes it will be able to retain Sergio Perez


Bob Fernley assures, in statements to Motorsport,
intention of Force India is to retain one more season to
Sergio Perez that, after his eye-catching season, is going to be placed
as one of the pilots to go for the big teams.

The mexican driver has already passed for this situation in 2012, when
their meritorious performances with Sauber opened for him the doors of
McLaren. Ferrari, which he had framed in the youth program
pilots of Maranello, did not dare to take the step and joined Kimi
Räikkönen replacing
Felipe Massa. His experience in
McLaren was quite negative, having problems to adapt to a
team that decided to dispense with him at the end of the season, and he settled
at Force India.

Return to Maranello

Now, Ferrari could return to show interest in Pérez, something
that has also been reached to comment on the case of Carlos Sainz.
While, the official position of the Maranello is that it is still
early to decide on your pair of riders by 2017
and that the options
Kimi Räikkönen continue to go through a good performance of the
Finnish from here to the end of the season.

“Can happen, especially when it comes to the strength of Ferrari”

“I have a lot of, a lot of confidence that we will have to Checo (Perez)
the next year, but you can never say never in F1. Things
can happen, especially when it comes to the strength of Ferrari,”
recognizes Bob Fernley, deputy Director of Force India. “If there is
interest, that we know not, and there has been no approach or
anything like that, then it is more press speculation that
of the computer, so you have to give all the credit to Czech
by get the interest of the people.”
, ” said Fernley, recognizing
the merit of Perez from time to time.

In any event, Fernley pull out chest and points out that, taking into
account the good form of the team, it is difficult to
Sergio Perez will get an offer more palatable to the
stay at Force India. “there are Only four teams above
our options are minimal. We will always work in
complete it in time (the contract of Perez), but it is something that all
the world must sign”