Force India certifies the fifth place in constructors


Force India has closed its most successful season in F1. The team of Vijay Mallya has managed to certify at Interlagos, the fifth position in the Constructors ‘ World thanks to the points earned by Nico H├╝lkenberg. The German rider finished in sixth position and although Sergio Perez did not manage to reach the zone of points, the result has been more than enough to get a position unprecedented for the indian team. With 120 points and lack of a career, training improves the sixth position of the constructors harvested in 2013 and 2014, despite add less points than last season.

The season Force India has gone from less to more. The training began with economic problems, and without to be able to premiere the new chassis up to the Grand Prix of Great Britain. Until that time, the best result was a sixth place, but the majority of the units counted in the races out of the points. However, since the premiere of the VJM08B, the record has been more positive, with great races. The podium for Sergio Perez in Sochi has been the culmination of a season in which the team evolved in parallel to the progress shown by Force India in F1.

The team of Vijay Mallya made his debut in the 2008 season when he bought the ‘remains’ of Spyker F1. Since then the training has given giant steps. In his first season not scored a single point, a result that was passed in 2009, thanks to a podium finish harvested in Belgium by Giancarlo Fisichella. The great leap to the ‘middle class’ of the grill came in 2010, when he settled in the area of points on a regular basis. The training has alternated sixth and seventh positions in the Constructors ‘ World up to 2015, in which has given a step more to a fifth-place finish.


After confirming this new success of Force India, Nico H├╝lkenberg
expressed: “I’m very happy with the sixth position achieved today and with
add the points necessary to assure the team the fifth place in
the championship, which is great news”
. The German understands the
importance of this result: Is the best result of our
and shows the progress we have made in the last few years. This
fifth place is the result of all the hard work that has made the
team and we should be very proud of having done all together“.

Perez had a career more complicated in Brazil
. Immersed in continuous
battles with Max Verstappen, he could not progress up to the zone of points. To
nevertheless, the mexican was quite pragmatic: “No has been the
best weekend for me. I have struggled to feel comfortable in the car
from the beginning, but it has not been possible. The result of today, without
however, I do not worry too much if you think the entire season. The team
has finished fifth, we have many positive things to celebrate
. I am
proud of what we have achieved together this season and the goal
in the future will be greater”

A future that can be hand-in-hand
Aston Martin
. The possible arrival of the british brand to the
structure of the team would be an injection of money is needed to
be able to make that leap that you want to Sergio Perez. , The team will have in
2016 with power units of Mercedes
, which is a solid base
on which to build an ambitious project. Confirmation of the arrival
Aston Martin, the team must give a step forward in terms of
chassis and aerodynamics
to be able to try to do battle with the four
strongest formations: Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams and Red Bull.