Force India criticizes the null results of the management of Liberty Media


Bob Fernley has been very critical with the results of the management of Liberty Media throughout the present season, although the fans and teams have noticed a substantial increase of content shared through digital media and social networks, there are no confirmed developments in the field of regulation, or control of costs, the two points of greatest concern to the teams.

Fernley acknowledge to be “disappointed in some aspects”, stating that they have put many ideas on the table, but that none has been signed so far. “we have Not stopped to speak and contribute ideas, but it’s been nine months and I thought that we would have something firm. The program of the engine should be finished because it is the cornerstone of the program of cost containment”.

In a statement picked up by Autosport, the deputy Director of Force India believes that there should be news before year end and we have to begin to make changes to reduce the spending on the competition. “cost control has to come, if that is where we are headed, because you have to respond accordingly. The clock is ticking and soon we arrive at the year to come. He hoped that at least we had a skeleton that would give us an idea of where we’re going, but we don’t have anything at all”.

they Know what direction they want to take, now we need to get something clear of the negotiation process

for months, is negotiating the new regulation of motors, which will enter into force in 2021, and even came to appreciate in advance the same a season, for which it was required unanimous agreement for the month of September. But now that option is ruled out, and Fernley claims less conversation and more facts. “there Have been many closed-door meetings. Now is the time for Liberty this something that can be considered. Ross (Brawn, Director of Sports of the Formula (1) has taken an approach very careful with everything, has talked with the teams, has all the information. They know what direction they want to take, now we need to get something clear of the negotiation process”.