Force India, defender of the lost causes before the big F1


The Strategy Group in Formula 1 consists of six teams: the best of the constructors. Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull or McLaren tend to be fixed in such a group, which is responsible for proposing changes in the regulation to the commission of the F1 and, subsequently, the World Council, who must ratify any future changes.

Force India has spent three years forming part of the same thanks to its excellent performance on the track, but according to its deputy team Leader, it is more a burden than a privilege. “From my point of view is quite annoying, is in our third year of the Strategy Group, I have received a lot of criticism in the past two and a half years or three. From a moral point of view, we are the only team representing the independent teams and someone has to stand up for what you believe is right for the Formula 1”, commented Bob Fernley in statements to Autosport.

The british considered that Red Bull and Williams, the other equipment that is technically independent, are not funded by a big brand of automobile, not to act as such by their economic power in the first case, or his close relationship with Mercedes in the second.

For that reason, to defend the interests of small teams such as Sauber, Toro Rosso, Haas, in his day, as well as the Manor, is a remarkable effort that usually leads to criticism. “I Feel that it is an inconvenience and a headache for me personally, you have a responsibility to the team and the other competitors that are not represented, something that for me is a total error. We do the things we do, not against computers, but yes, obviously against the holders of the commercial rights, the FIA and anyone that we feel that currently reduces the impact of stand-alone computers”, said Bob Fernley that does not understand that is left at the margin to the teams less competitive of the grill.