Force india denies negotiations with Renault for Hülkenberg


Nico Hülkenberg seems to be the driver chosen by Renault to lead the French team in their climb to the seats of honor. But Force India, who have their two drivers under contract and, despite this, both have been embroiled in rumors of change team, insists that Renault has not been directed to them to negotiate the departure of the German.

According to Bob Fernley, Deputy Director of Force India, the team and Renault have not had “no formal contact at all. So, with regard to us, today we have two drivers with a contract”, adding to the question raised by Motorsport about whether Hülkenberg had been asked to leave the team, “is not a comment that we can do. We have the pilot under contract”.

Motorsport also cites a source from Force India that he says that if the situation evolves, they would not oppose the departure of Hülkenberg, since this is a pilot that has been very loyal to the team during the four seasons in which it has formed part of Force India. “Nico has done a great job and has been a pilot too loyal to over the years as to which team stands in their way. If a driver like Nico, who has 29 years old, he gets a chance to improve with a factory team, why we are going to cut off the path?,” said the source.