Force India negotiates as the renewal of Sergio Perez


it Is likely that Sergio Perez will end up being one of the parts most palatable on the market of pilots once they reach the last third of the season and the contracts start to be negotiated in earnest, but before that time comes, Vijay Mallya wants to close the contract extension of the mexican pilot.

The owner of the team based at Silverstone, has confirmed in a statement picked up by Autosport in which he claims to be happy with the performance offered by its pair of pilots. “we have Already begun negotiations with him to renew his contract. The Czech republic is a pilot very skilled and talented. There is something questionable, and I love that Stephen press”.

If there is a seat at Mercedes or Ferrari, obviously taking advantage of the opportunity. I’m not going to get in your way

But Vijay Mallya know very well that your pilot has long been claimed by other teams and states that, if any of the great is coming for him, not oppose, in his way. “I like to believe that my pilots are happy in this team, provide them with a good car with which to compete. If there is a seat at Mercedes or Ferrari, obviously taking advantage of the opportunity. I’m not going to put myself in his way, but apart from them, I think that we have the best car”.


Sergio Perez continues to show its strength one more season and is seventh in the drivers ‘ classification, which has established itself as the best pilot not belonging to Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull.

Not in vain, as Sergio Perez is being considered by Ferrari as a replacement for Kimi Räikkönen and, finally, if that interest is concrete, Sergio Perez will have a free hand to revive the Italian dream. Vijay Mallya is aware that only in this way can reach a quick agreement. “we give Them an atmosphere in which they feel comfortable, enjoy the team, their peers, and work in common. What is the reason to change?”, said, proud of what was achieved by Force India.

The case of Esteban Ocon is different, because the frenchman has a contract in force for several more years and, in a certain way, dependent of Mercedes, since that belongs to its young driver programme. Mallya admits that hiring you was a risk, but having regard to the results, is completely satisfied with the decision. “Steve is faster than I thought, is fantastic. In the winter there were only debutants available and we made the right choice. You have talent, I’m glad I signed with him a multi-year contract”.