Force India returns to fishing points despite a new clash of the mutual.


This weekend promised to be one of the most difficult of the season for Force India, finding himself in a path as Hungary, in which its virtues are more camouflaged. The team, however, has shown throughout the season to take advantage of their opportunities, and in Hungary and returned to do it to score with both cars, despite the fact that the sabbath fell in Q2.

Despite leaving the thirteenth, a good start and an effective strategy allowed Sergio Perez move more posts than anyone else, five, to finish eighth. The mexican driver qualified his experience in Hungary as well as “the worst weekend of the season in terms of speed”, but put it in positive perspective the value of what happened: “I have had many problems with the car, so I turn to the situation in the race and get some points is a good recovery. I made a very good start, have positioned myself out of my car very well, and that was very important for the final result”.

The result could have been different-if the collision which he starred with Esteban Ocon in the output would have caused more damage to his front wing: “fortunately, however, changed the balance of my car, but the prospect was not good. It has not been the most busy for me, because I spent much of the afternoon after Sainz and Alonso, but we were not able to go through a slow stop. In general, it has been a first half of the season very strong, and we can go on holiday happy with the work we have done”.


The vision of Esteban Ocon of what happened was slightly different: “The output was very complicated, and that committed to my career. Sergio hit me in turn 1; I don’t know what you did, but probably lost a bit of its reference in the braking, and I kicked off the ground, so they could have been a little worse. In the end, we are back to finish the two points, which is great considering how difficult it has been to the end of the week.

The French managed to score points again with his ninth position, his tenth career scoring in the eleven he has played. Ocon was pleased with his performance today and so far: “The rest of the race was very clean, and we were able to withstand a lot of pressure from Stofffel, so I’m happy with the end result. I have added almost 50 points in the first half of the season and we have a good margin with the computers behind it. In front of a McLaren and the two Renault, we can go on holiday happy”.